Friday, August 22, 2008

White Crayons.

I have just been thinking about a little quote I found; one you might find on a computer graphic or a hokey T-shirt. It seems random and silly at first, but being me I found a special meaning behind it.

The quote goes like this: "I don't understand white crayons. Why are they here? What do they want from us?"

The first time I saw this quote I thought it was cute and witty, but did not know when I looked deeper into it that it would seem philosophical to me.

White crayons can represent all of those annoying people or stressful situations in our lives. We don't always know why we have to put up with "that one person" or deal with a seemingly horrible situation.

However, there are always reasons for these people or situations. Maybe we will see that in the near future. Maybe we will not see it for many years. Maybe we will never understand at all why things go the way that they go.

No matter what we may or may not see though, there is still a point.

White crayons might not show up on white paper, but as long as you have a piece of black paper white crayons will show up just fine!

There are certain people and situations that might not be necessary for you, but might be the best thing for someone else. Maybe someone is not right for you, but is perfect for another person. Or perhaps they are just an old, broken crayon that just needs to be thrown away all together!

Either way, as I continue to firmly believe, there is a reason for everything.
After all...even white crayons are useful for something. :)

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