Saturday, December 17, 2011

First Snows & First Kisses.

Her soul is that of a child at Christmastime
She looks up, oh how the stars shine!

Snow falls, and it tickles her nose
As her father's inside taking a doze

The boy she likes is playing next door
His eyes light up in the snowy galore

She looks at him, as he looks at her
She can hear the beat of her heart purr

She's only fifteen, but it feels so right!
A snowball fight breaks out in the twilight

Everyone goes home; it is just him and her
Brrr she shivers, she is obviously cold 
He gives her his jacket and says, "This will keep you warm."

Her smile glistens as the stars glow
She looks up and sees gently falling snow

When she looks down, what a surprise
The night ends with her first kiss; it leaves a sparkle in her eyes

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finally a Real Blog!

Hello everyone!  Guess what...I'm actually alive.  Yes, I know you must be shocked, but it's true!  I just finished my second to last exam this morning, and I am more than a little excited about that.  Don't you hate exams?  You do all of that studying for one test.  Or maybe you don't study at all; how should I know.  Either way, I am sure many of you college students and maybe even high school students have had to take an exam of some sort.  I wish all of you good luck on your exams!
On another note, I still do not know exactly what I am going to do with my life...for the most part anyway.  I do, however, have one major goal now:  to be the dirt/mud girl on a Swiffer commercial.  Call me crazy, call me insane, call me whatever you want.  I don't care.  I WILL make this happen.  I have facebooked about it, tweeted about it, and now I'm blogging about it.  I have even had friends trying to help me out!  This past couple of days, it has become a big deal for me.  If you want to become my fan on Facebook click here to join in helping me out!  I am grateful for any help I can get.

Anyway, you finally have it:  a real, honest blog.  I know I have not written a true blog in awhile, so I really appreciate if you actually take the time to read this.  Thank you my faithful followers.  I <3 you. 

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Alone on a Friday Night. :)

Wow, I haven't written in over a month.  It seems as if this is becoming a regular occurence, and once again, I apologize for that.  I wrote a poem that I planned on posting at or around Halloween, but obviously that did not happen.  I cannot truthfully say I have been lacking inspiration; I have actually been working on writing a book.  I know that's a huge goal, but I am trying.  However (I know I always say this), but I will try to find the inspiration for BLOGGING soon.  Please, don't give up on me yet. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Feather Extensions: Yay or Nay?

I logged in just now, and realized it has been over a month since I have posted a blog!  I feel horrible about that, especially since I keep saying I want to get back on track.  I truly do want to get back on track; I guess I have just had a hard time with my focus and motivation.

With that aside, today I want to ask you all a question.  What do all of you think of the new "fad" that is feather hair extensions?  Do you think they are a good alternative to dying your hair?  Personally, I have two, and I love them to death.  I have gotten highlights before, but I have never really been allowed or able to dye my hair, partially because it is so thin.  However, when I was getting my hair done not too long ago, I saw a sign advertising feather hair extensions.  I had seen them a couple times before, but I had never thought too much about them.  I am not a slave to all of the newest hair trends (obviously since I have never dyed my hair), but these feather extensions I now have seemed like a great way to express my personality without going overboard by shaving my head, or dying my hair blue.  I have a pink one and a zebra striped one, and both of them are very subtle, but they really make me happy.  I did it more for myself than anyone else, and I think that's the way it should be.  I love to look in the mirror, and see the feathers dangling.

My stylist told me they should last four to six months, and they were a very reasonable price:  only $10 each!  I definitely thought that was a bargain compared to highlights!  I am not saying they are for everybody.  I am just saying that if you have been asking yourself  if you should get them and just can't decide, I'd definitely recommend you get them  :)  I say YAY! 

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Life Lesson #12: Tomorrow is Truly a New Day

Life Lesson #12:  Tomorrow is truly a new day.

To be honest, I am not the biggest Harry Potter fan.  I will probably be shunned by my friends for saying that, because some of them are obsessed.  However, when I happened onto this quote I liked it.  Today of all days, it really hit home for me.  It suddenly made more sense to me than it ever had before.  No matter how low I am feeling, I just have to remember that tomorrow is a new day.  It may seem dark right now, but turning on the light is always an option.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

An Open Letter to Vending Machines Everywhere.

Dear Vending Machine,

Why must you constantly tempt me?  You seem to follow me around everywhere at school.  I can't get away from you, wherever I go!  On top of that, you want to fatten me up.  Your gifts to me are always something like candy, chips, or soda.  Don't get me wrong, my love.  I love your salty, sweet, and refreshing treats.  I just don't know if this relationship is healthy for me anymore.  I mean, you take all of my money!  Don't you think you need to become more independent?  I cannot support you forever, you know.  I know you act like you love me, but I'm beginning to think that you only love me for my money.  Sometimes you don't even give me anything return for all my hard earned change.  Is it out of spite, my dear Vending Machine?  Maybe I will never know.  I just think it would be best if I severed my ties with you right now.  It will be best for both of us in the end.


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Monday, August 22, 2011

Sappy Sammy's Status

Social networking:  I have written about this topic before.  It has become so popular the past couple of years, that it is becoming very hard to ignore.  It is so easy to share your feelings.  To be even more specific, it is very easy to share your negative feelings.

With that said, I realize that all of us complain at some point.  We cannot go through a life of only sunshines and rainbows.  However, there are certain things that we should learn to keep to ourselves - or at least not share with the entire world.

How many of you have Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter?  Now, let me ask you this:  How many of you have a Debbie Downer or a Sappy Sammy on your preferred social networking website?  You know the drill.  He or she is constantly updating his or her "status".  It always has to be about how much the said person's life sucks.  In response to the status, there are a million bajillion comments that go something like:

Awww, I'm sorry!  :(
What's wrong?  Text me.

Which gives said person the attention he or she desires.  Does nobody else find this incredibly annoying?  Sometimes I think I am the only one who even notices, but maybe not.  Maybe there are others out there that feel the same way I do.  How do you feel about the increase in social networking, sharing your thoughts online, and those Debbie Downers or Sappy Sammy's in your life?

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Monday, August 15, 2011

What I Want

"We can't hide, we let go
We've got more than we know
My friends are a different breed
My friends are everything

Make this last, take it slow
We've got it all figured out for now
So let us live our lives without a doubt"

Songwriters:  Alexander Gaskarth, Robert Dawson, Zachary Merrick, Jack Barakat
Sung by:  All Time Low
Song:  Vegas

This is what I want
...more than anything.
This is what I want.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Lacking Inspiration Again

It's been over a month, and school will be knocking on my door...very shortly.

This kind of excites me.

I have become somewhat of a recluse.  I cannot put a finger on exactly why, but I am just not as social as I used to be.  However, I hope to change that.

I will enjoy the last few days of summer, but eagerly await the start of school.  Hopefully, that will inspire me to write more...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life Lesson #11 PLEASE be Polite :)

Life Lesson #11:  PLEASE be polite.  :)

You know what I love?  I love it when people are polite.  It really isn't all that hard, yet I run into people almost every day who are completely uncouth or rude.  How hard is it to say, "please" and "thank you" or "you're welcome"?  Does it really take that much brain power?  No!  The amount of effort it takes?  Slim to none.  So why does it seem like there are so few polite people left these days?  Is America really that lazy?  I'm starting to wonder.  No, we do not all have to be like the southern gentleman who says "yes ma'am" and "no sir".  It might be a nice ideal to live up to, but lets be honest with ourselves.  How many of us actually speak that way?  Not me, that's for sure.  However, I always try to say "Nice to meet you," when I am introduced to someone new.  I generally make sure to say "thank you" when someone holds open the door for me...especially when it is someone I do not know that well.  In my opinion, that is how to be polite.  We all slip up at one point or another.  I do, however, try to be polite - especially when I am making a first impression.  Remember, first impressions often stick.  How will you make your first impression?

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Plain & Simple

They lead a simple life
They work every day
Unlike most of us, they work before they play

They look a little different
But who are we to judge?
We have piercings in odd places, and thrive on broken love

We all say we're happy, but is it really true?
They work to make a living, and live to pay their dues
We work to make money, and live to compete so we don't lose

Who will be happier when the day is through?
Well, my friends, that is only up to you.

Inspired by the book:  "Plain Truth" by Jodi Picoult.  I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the Amish culture, or just to read a good mystery/suspense/courtroom/awesome novel.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm Back...At Least I'm Trying

I realized something very depressing when I tried to go to my blog today.  I typed in the URL like usual...and it was not in my recent search history.  :(  I have not written now in over a month.  Please do not give up on me my blogging friends!  I love you all, and I hope you will have patience with me.  I have been very busy since the summer started.  On June 9th, I celebrated my one year anniversary with my boyfriend, Ryan.  I am also taking a night math class on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I have no excuses for not writing, but I just hope you can understand.  I haven't even been writing in my journal as much as I used to, but I plan to start up writing again.  It's good for me, and it's something I need to do for myself and you.  Please forgive me!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Deletin' Like a Pro. ;)

Delete.  Delete.  Delete.

It used to be a contest of how many friends you could collect on your chosen social networking website.  Now, it is a contest to see how few friends you can have on your chosen social networking website.

Farewell, girl in bikini who thinks I'm cute, Xqroiwae J, and vampire man from Transylvania who loves long walks on the beach.  You won't be missed.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break 2011!!!

Well, well, well.  This past spring break my family and my Ryan took a little trip to Branson, Missouri.  It is one of my favorite vacation spots in the world.  The fun, however, started on the six hour trip to Branson.  We began by watching Rent, one of my personal favorite movies/musicals.  Ryan had never seen it, but I think he really enjoyed it.  Then, I *forced* him into watching an episode of "The Secret Life of the American Teenager."  ;)

Finally, we had to stop and get a bite to eat.  We ate at Lambert's Cafe, famous for waiters throwing rolls.  While we were waiting, Ryan and I did this "Bull Game".  Ryan was hailed a marine, while I was degradedly defined as a lazy bones. 
Eventually, we were seated, and learned what it was really like to try to catch a roll thrown at you 100 mph.  (Okay, so it wasn't actually thrown that fast, but it adds to the drama of my story.)  

Ryan and I with the wonderful roll guy! 

FINALLY, we got to Branson, but it was late, and we were tired.  So, we watched yet another movie called Shutter Island which I personally liked quite a lot.  Ryan had seen it before, but I never had.

The next day was finally time for some fun.  We started out the day with breakfast at our motel, and then decided to go minigolfing.  We went to this fairly new golf course, that was supposed to be Hollywood themed.  Being an actress, I thought it was pretty awesome.  Being an avid movie lover, Ryan thought it was pretty cool too. 

Ryan and I taking a break during mini golf to pose for a picture by Oscar.  ;)
After that, we went to the Ripley's Believe it or Not museum.  I had been there when I was younger, but Ryan had never been.  The outside of the building is cool enough, and there are a lot of awesome things to look at inside.  After we went through the museum, we went to the gift shop, and both got way cool spy glasses.  ;) 

Us in our spy glasses standing by our parking spot :)

We relaxed then by eating pizza out with my mom and dad at an Italian Restaurant, "Luigi's."  Finally, that evening, we were able to swim and enjoy the hot tub.  We didn't stay in there for too long though.  I got kind of chilly, even though it was a heated pool. 

The next day, we went to a wax museum.  That time, Ryan had been there, and I had not.  The wax museum was okay, but the gift shop was the best of all.  Ryan got me an Oxcar that said "Best Girlfriend" and I got him this old comic book poster type thing.  We also went to my personal favorite show in Branson:  The Dixie Stampede.  I was amazed that Ryan loved it so much too.  Mostly, he loved the food.  Finally, we relaxed by working out, and then enjoying the pool, hot tub, and sauna.  It was our first time in a sauna ever, and I think we both agree that we had a pretty good time.

My "Best Girlfriend" Oscar :) <3

Finally, it was the last day in Branson.  We went to an awesomely cheap jewelry store - that was my idea.  Then, we did one of the most amazing thing ever - Ryan and I went ziplining.  It was such a wonderful experience, and there are so many great memories.  We also ate at the Hard Luck Diner - one of my favorite restaurants in Branson, full of singing waiters and waitresses.  We went shopping at all of these adorable little shops, and managed to make time to get a milkshake before we left.

Me ziplining!!!!!
Ry ziplining!!!!!

All in all, I think it was an extremely successful vaction.  Ryan and I both tried new things, and saw new places.  It was an interesting test of our relationship, but I think we are now stronger because of it.  I am happy we can look back at all of the wild, wacky, awesome memories we have from this trip.  I will never, ever, forget it.  I am just sorry it took me so long to share the fun with you.  I hope you enjoyed reading about my spring break, 2011.  :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Life Lesson #10: Thick, Black Glasses = Confidence.

Life Lesson #10:  Thick, black framed glasses, make everyone look smart.

Please, tell me if you don't think it's true.  Personally though, when I see someone with black flamed glasses, I generally think "smart".  I know that that is judging a book by it's cover.  I know I always preach to not judge a person by his or her exterior.  However, black framed glasses are just the bomb.  I must say, as a wearer of black framed glasses (when I actually wear them) that I feel smarter when I wear them.  I feel like a powerful woman.  I FEEL LIKE I CAN RULE THE WORLD!!!!!  Okay, so maybe that's taking things a little too far.  Nevertheless, I feel pretty awesome wearing my awesome black glasses.

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Debt That Will Never be Paid

I have you in my hand, under my control
I left you out to dry - left you in the cold
Though I have good reasons, I wish you'd proved me wrong
At first you only fooled me - you've been this way all along

Maybe I taught you something, and for that I am not sad
I only wish I could forget, because I now consider you dead
I have all of these memories, and when I remember I can't help but be glad
I only wish it could have lasted - all those good times we had

I still see you now, and it's kind of bittersweet
Sweet because of the memories, bitter because you yanked them from under my feet
I have forgiven you, but that doesn't make me forget
It is still hard to look at you - to me, you will forever be in my debt

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coming Shortly

I went on vacation this past weekend with my family and Ryan.  Probably the most exciting thing I did was going ziplining!  I will post pictures, and write about my trip shortly.  Sorry again, I have not been posting much lately.  It just hasn't worked into my schedule, unfortunately.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sorry I haven't written in so long.  I've had somewhat of a "blogcation" because I've been so busy.  Hopefully, now that life has gotten somewhat back to normal, I can start writing again soon.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Open Letter to Myspace

Dear Myspace,

Remember when we were such close friends?  We have shared so many good comments, but we were younger back then.  As we have grown older, we have distanced.  You have become more complicated, and I have become more simple.  We both have a different top eight now, and that is probably a good thing.  I do not need you like I used to - I am more independent now.  You will always have a place in my heart, because you gave me so much.  You were perfect when I needed you; I just don't need you anymore.  I will always cherish the times we shared, but I am overly ready to move on.  I will probably visit you every now and again, but I do not think things will ever be the same between us.  It's not you, and it's not me.  It is just time and change that is separating us.

An Old Friend Request

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

In Honor of Valentine's Day

"I know that I've got issues, but you're pretty messed up too.  Either way, I found out I'm nothing without you."  -Kelly Clarkson

Monday, February 7, 2011

This Dysfunctional Mess Called Life.

 You're a mess.
I'm a mess.
Life's a mess.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life Lesson #9: You Are Not in Control

Life Lesson #9:  You are not in control.

Imagine yourself playing a board game.  In this specific board game, how well you do solely depends on the numbers you roll on those two tiny dice.  How would you feel if your life was like that - so dependent on chance?  Is your life like that?  In my opinion, it kind of is.  While you can control certain aspects of your fate, you do not have the ability to control all of them.  This is because there are so many other factors that contribute to your life.  the choices of friends, family, and even total strangers influence your life.  God also play a big part in your life, whether you choose to believe in Him or not.  Don't kid yourself:  not one human being has total control of his or her life. 

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Hello Circus

Sitting here
Not sure of my purpose
Chaos lingers like a circus

I am just wondering
Who I shall be
For the rest of my eternity

Everything's unknown
How am I to know
Which direction I should go

Two options are left and right
But nothing in life is completely black or white

There is so much more out there
That I can be
Just look around
And you will see

Oh, this world
Is such a bountiful place
Though many people in it
Live a disgrace

We have potential
We have a purpose
Never give in
To some fool's berserkness

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

No Love Song For You

I could write a love song,
but no love song would do.

You are so incredibly special,
just because you're you.

I know not how I made it without you,
for now you're everything I see.

You say you would not have a life without me,
but where, without you, would I be?

I will love you forever, and while I know that sounds cliche,
I feel that these are the truest words I will ever say.

Shakespeare once said, "To Thine Own Self Be True,"
And I must say I know not where I'd be without you.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Life Lesson #8: It's Supposed to be Fun

Life Lesson #8:  "Sometimes I must remind myself that this is supposed to be fun."

I found the photo above on a very awesome blog:  Bits of Truth...all quotes, and I thought this was an amazing quote that various people can relate to.

How many times in your life have you wanted to quit doing something?  I am sure all of us have wanted to be a quitter at one point or the other.  However, I very much commend those who stick it out.  It can be an incredibly hard thing to do, but I think it is worth it.  Nobody can rag on you for quitting, and you can take pride in the fact that you didn't quit.  It is just a win win situation either way.  Remember that the next time you are trying to decide whether to quit something or not.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cancer > Gemini

Do you know what is completely absurd?  I have been a Cancer my whole, entire life.  Now, according to some sources, I am a Gemini.  What?!?!  How is it possible?  One day, I wake up, and supposedly I am a  Gemini??!  It is ludicrous!  I am a Cancer through and through - I am emotional, moody, AND sensitive.

I found a great website with the different zodiac meanings.  According to the website, Cancers are ruled by the moon.  We are mothering creatures, who tend to be very emotional.  On the other hand, it says Geminis are NOT emotional, NOT personal, and it pretty much describes the polar opposite of my personality!  Maybe I am overreacting a little, but I have always been interested in zodiac signs.   How can they change on me so suddenly?!

Well, I don't care what sources say.  I will remain a Cancer forever.

How do all of you feel about this sudden change of zodiac signs, and the addition of a new zodiac sign.  Do you put any value into what your horoscope says, or do you at least read it for fun?  Please share your feelings!  Tell me I'm right, tell me I'm wrong, just TELL ME SOMETHING!!!!!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Life Lesson #7: Kill them with Kindness

Life Lesson #7:  Kill them with Kindness

You may be wondering who "them" is.  Well, "them" encompasses a variety of people.  It may be the snobby girl who has always had to one up you since the seventh grade.  It may be the teacher who seems to dislike you, even though you have not done anything wrong.  It may be a group of boys who will not stop bullying you, even though you are nothing but nice to them.  It may even be your best friend, who suddenly decides to turn his or her back on you.

Like many people, you may want revenge.  That is perfectly understandable, but it's about the worst thing you can do for yourself.  Karma will bite you in the butt faster than any ferocious animal.  I have never really been the type of person who has tried to get revenge on someone, but there have been times when I have definitely wanted to.

The thing is, when somebody is bothering you, you want to be the bigger person.  It may not always be easy, but in the long run you will feel very proud that you stuck it out.  I pride myself in not being a quitter, so don't just give up on yourself.

Maybe they will learn from your kindness, and maybe they won't.  I'm not going to lie to you.  Just because you are nice to people, does not mean they will all of a sudden see the light and change their ways.  However, there is a fraction of a chance they will.  You never know how people will respond.  Even if the change is not immediate, they may remember in years to come that you were nice to them.  They may feel undeserving, but they will remember it nevertheless. 

Think about that before you say something rude, and try to say something nice instead. 

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Resolutions?

This year, my boyfriend Ryan and I, tried to make a New Year's resolution to stop drinking soda.  It worked...until not too long after midnight.  Yes, that's right.  We broke it only a little while after the new year started.  So far, we both have consumed:  Ski, Sprite Zero, Coke, Mountain Dew, and Mellow Yellow.  Needless to say, we do not have much self discipline.  Maybe our New Year's resolution should have been to have more self discipline, rather than to stop drinking soda.

Anyway, I want to know:  what were your New Year's resolutions?  Have you kept them so far?  I hope you are all having a Happy New Year, even though it is just beginning!  I have a feeling this year will be a great year - I just know it.  I hope the same is true for you.  I know I have not written as much lately as usual, but I hope you can forgive me.  There will be a lot of exciting posts for you to read throughout this year!  I hope you all have a fantastic day, and the best year ever!  :)

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