Saturday, December 17, 2011

First Snows & First Kisses.

Her soul is that of a child at Christmastime
She looks up, oh how the stars shine!

Snow falls, and it tickles her nose
As her father's inside taking a doze

The boy she likes is playing next door
His eyes light up in the snowy galore

She looks at him, as he looks at her
She can hear the beat of her heart purr

She's only fifteen, but it feels so right!
A snowball fight breaks out in the twilight

Everyone goes home; it is just him and her
Brrr she shivers, she is obviously cold 
He gives her his jacket and says, "This will keep you warm."

Her smile glistens as the stars glow
She looks up and sees gently falling snow

When she looks down, what a surprise
The night ends with her first kiss; it leaves a sparkle in her eyes

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Erwin "ERS" said...

nice poem. i wish there's snow here also. : )

Books said...

awesome :) lovely poem for lovely persons .

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