Thursday, October 29, 2009

Update: My Life.

I am sorry I haven't had much time to post lately. I have really been busy with rehearsals for the play I am in, "Oliver Twist." So, instead of doing a creative post this time, I am just going to give you a little update on my life. I am Old Sally in the play "Oliver Twist." Old Sally is an old, haggish type of woman. Mind you, she dies in the first act, first scene...but hey! I come back tonight as a towns person. I just love all of the people who are in the play with. I love it there because almost everybody who does the plays at RLC actually WANTS to be there because they like the theatre. That isn't always the case in grade school or even high school. Some people are pushed into it. I have rehearsal tonight, like normal. It should be fun. I'm hoping to get some good pictures tonight.
I also have been really busy with school lately. I have had a lot of homework and such. It has just been super busy for me lately. Today we had 18 kids out at our school the last time I heard, and we only have 74 students! It seemed so weird - there were so few people! I think Swine Flu finally made it to our school - I hope I don't get it. I don't think I'd die or anything, but with my play coming up I don't want to be sick! Luckily I get tomorrow off, and I am hoping this weekend will be a good one.
Anyway, that's about all I have to tell! I just wanted to write something, and I decided to do something a little different than normal! I know I have missed the last couple Ten Things Tuesday's - sorry about that. Hopefully I will get back to writing more here in a couple of weeks when things slow down. Well, that's all for now, but I hope you all have a wonderful weekend/week!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"GO GREEN!" They Say...

Hello everyone. Today, when I logged in, I became aware that today is supposedly "Blog Action Day 2009." I actually had never heard that there was such a day before; I was surprised! You see, Blog Action Day is apparently a day where a vast array of bloggers unite, and all post on the same subject. This year the subject is "climate change."

I would be lying to you if I said that I was an expert on climate change. I am a teenager...I really don't care at this point what it's doing in California when I feel like I'm 90,823,848,934 miles away! (Ha!)

I know it is important to a good number of people though. (How many politicians don't mention global warming while they are campaigning in some way, shape, or form?!) They believe in it or they think it's crazy, they care about it or they don't. It seems like we see it everywhere whether we want to or not.

"GO GREEN!" Is that not one the favorite phrases right now? However, how many people who have that phrase, or a phrase like it on a t-shirt, a sticker, whatever, ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT IT MEANS?! Okay, so we know the general meaning: keeping the earth healthy, save the world, peace everywhere! Are you nodding your head in agreement? Good.

We, as humans, tend to do things that our peers do. John does something, so Jimmy does something, so Sally does something, so Susie does something. Right?

I know that some environmental activists have really good intentions, but some of us are just going along with the ride! How many of us actually care about the climate changing? Sure, we care in times of devastation or emergency, but how many of us really care on a day to day basis? Slim to none.

I am a hypocrite in saying this, because you want to know how many times I think about climate change on a regular day? Zero. I NEVER think about climate change. It is something that doesn't even cross my mind.

All I am saying, is that maybe we should start listening to those corny commercials every once in awhile. They seem so cheesy, but they wouldn't be if everyone in the world would actually listen to them! Our world would be in much better shape! All I ask of you after reading this is to do something good for the earth that you wouldn't do on a regular basis. I will too --- I'm getting ready to go turn out a light right now. :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 Things: Senior Year Bucket List!!!

Today, I decided to do TEN things that I would like to happen/that I would like to accomplish before my senior year of high school is over! Be proud of me; I remembered Ten Things Tuesday AGAIN! :) So, with no farther explanation:
1. I would like to make honor roll one last time before I graduate.
2. I am going to get my senior pictures made (which will hopefully take place on October 30th.)
3. I want to make the cast of the RLC spring musical! (This will be my last college musical I'll be doing while I'm still in high school!!) Next year I will be attending RLC as a student!!!
4. I would LOVE to get the lead in our school play, but I don't know that that will actually happen...
5. I want to get TONS of pictures. I realize that is a pretty vague hope, but I really want to have a lot of pictures so I can remember everything about senior year. (And with the way I take pictures, that shouldn't be too hard...ha!)
6. I want to get to know all of my classmates as well as I possibly can before I have to leave them. I know most of them pretty well already because of the size of our school, but I still want to get to know them even more.
7. I want to get everything for next year pretty much planned out that I need to. I don't want to have to worry about doing EVERYTHING last minute!
8. On a lighter note...I want to download more songs to my iPod! haha! :)
9. I want to have as much fun as possible...
10. And go out with a bang! ;)
Note: Just because I would like for these things to happen doesn't mean they are definitely going to happen. Keep in mind that life isn't perfect, and doesn't go exactly the way we want it to!
So there ya have it! Ten things I would like to happen/I would like to accomplish before my senior year is over. I hope you enjoyed it! If you are in high school now, or if you have been to high school and graduated, feel free to share your memories! I'd love to hear from you!! Other than that, have a wonderful rest of the week! :-)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Me, Myself, and I.

I am definitely not a genius. I don't even know that you would call me particularly smart. However, I do know some things.
I have what I like to call an "old soul." I may not be the most book smart person in the world, but I have some personal wisdom that many others my age do not have.

I haven't been through as much as some, but I have been through more than others. I value the experiences I have had greatly, and the wisdom that I have acquired from them.

Sometimes I act like the most immature person in the world, but other times I have the maturity of a grandmother. That is one of the complex attributes that makes me who I am.
I blossom when I get the chance to be creative. I strive to be original, like an artist in the midst of a million brain surgeons. Not at all that I am demeaning the work of brain surgeons; what they do is absolutely amazing. It's just that we all have our place in the world, but I know one of my purposes is to be a creator.

I am confident and outgoing, or shy and insecure. Some days I am not quite sure who I am. Still, no matter what day of the week it is, or how I am feeling, or what I am wearing, I always know one thing. I am always me, myself, and I. I cannot change that no matter how hard I try, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Run Like the Wind.

She hears the crunch of the leaves beneath her, as she feels the chilly, autumn air blow gently on her face. She isn't sure where she's going, but she doesn't care. All she wants to do is run. She wants to run and not stop until she gets to some place that she's meant to be.
Crunch Crunch Crunch
As she gets farther and farther away from the place she has called home her entire life, she wonders. Is this the road I am supposed to take? Is this the path I am meant to travel? How can I say it isn't when I don't even know where "it" is?
She stops. She takes a moment to wipe the cold sweat off of her face; she needs a moment to gather her thoughts.
She decides that she must be going where she is supposed to go. She is meant to be wherever she is in that exact moment, because that is the only thing in life she can believe in. She can't trust anyone but herself. No matter what happens, she will just go with the flow. She won't let anything break her.
With that thought behind her, she continues to run like the wind, and vows to herself she will keep running until her heart tells her when to stop.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10 Things Tuesday: NEEDS.

Ten things I need:
1) Sleep
2) Sanity
3) My family to go back to being in decent health
4) A vacation from...something...I'm not sure what, but from something, would be just swell!
5) A pass to the insane asylum (ha, you think I'm joking...)
6) Less math
7) Less homework... period
8) A movie night
9) A hug (who doesn't need a hug?!) again...ha
10) A life; if I had one, why would I be typing out ten things I need anyway?