Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Differences Are Breaking Us Apart.

Why must there be so many arguments over politics? We all say we are working for peace, but we are just having more and more fights. I know politics are an essential part of our society, but they are breaking us apart. I do not believe friendships should be broken over politics, but they are all the time.

Look at all of the derogatory campaign adds with the elections going on. Some of the commercials are just plain mean. As I mentioned earlier, we are working towards peace. However, if we are truly trying then why does the campaigning become so darn mean? I know that people have strong feelings against certain candidates, but that is no reason for violence or broken friendships.

I have noticed lately the very diverse views people have on politics, and it has made me think. I think it is great that we are all allowed to have our varying views on things like the election; it's America for crying out loud! I just do not think that politics should make us hate or dislike anyone. I do not think that just because someone has different views than someone else that violence or cruelty should be the last resort.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

If One Door Closes...

I am sure the majority of you have heard at least one or two sayings very similar to these: "God never shuts one door without opening another," or "When one door closes another door opens." I think sayings like these are uplifting and comforting.
During a rough time I can look at these words, listen to them, or hear them, and there is some amount of comfort that accompanies them. Maybe words don't fix all of your problems, but they can definitely be a start.
One of my favorite words in the whole English language is "hope." It is a simple, four-letter word, but it means so much to me. It has played a big part in my life. I may be young, but I know that hope is one of the things that has given me the strength to survive. Of course, I know all blessings have come from God; I'm not trying to disrespect that aspect. I am just so grateful for the strength to hope that God has provided me with.
I am not trying to make my life sound like a sad, sob story. My life has been amazing compared to many others in the world, but we all have our rough patches and times that we need hope. We need that extra boost of strength to relieve us. I've had my times and you've probably had yours.
Luckily, during these times, we have words that can comfort us, "God never shuts one door without opening another." If hearing those words in a time of need, wouldn't you just want to inhale a breath of fresh air and thank God for life?!
However, if for some reason all the doors are closed, a song called "My Wish" by the band Rascal Flatts tells us what to do. "And if one door opens to another door closed, I hope you keep on walkin' till you find the window..." That is one of my most favorite parts of the song, if not my favorite. The whole song is inspiring and uplifting, and also has a very good message with a lot of truth behind it.
Just remember on those seemingly hopeless days that if one door closes another is bound to open. Maybe it won't be today, or tomorrow, or even this year that a miraculous change will occur. It could take years for you to realize what good you have gained from a horrible experience.
As I have said many times, and many have said before me, everything happens for a reason. There is some greater purpose for the trials and tribulations we go through at any given time. We always have God and we should always have hope because, "God never shuts one door without opening another."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Explanation That You Have Been Waiting For...

My good friend asked me a very thought-provoking question recently, and in an attempt to answer him I will write this scientific article. I have spent many hours researching this topic, and I finally came to some conclusions. I am sure you will all be glad to know the answer to the very controversial question: "How do they get the cream in the Twinkie?"

Maybe you have wondered this yourself, or maybe I just inspired you by getting you to think about something that you had never questioned before. Either way, I hope what I present is helpful so you question Twinkies no more!

First of all, you have to understand that this information must be kept as confidential as possible. I trust you reading this to keep it within the scientific community. If the answer got out, the Twinkie population would be destroyed as we know it! Out of respect to me and your fellow Twinkiemen, please abide by this one rule.

The answer is very simple: it is all through the hard work of the Twinkie Fairies. They spend every day, and many long nights, concocting the perfect Twinkie filling. It has to be the perfect texture, the perfect taste, the perfect scent, and the perfect everything. (The fairies are very picky when it comes to making the absolutely perfect creation!)

They then march their little fairy butts right into the Twinkie, determined to complete the job. Gently, with their tiny hands, they distribute the delicate cream throughout the Twinkie.

When the hard-working Twinkie Fairies get done with one Twinkie, they immediately start to work on the next the first Twinkie will have a twin! When a Twinkie is finished, the fairies take a satisfied step back to admire the result of their hard work for a few moments. Finally, the Twinkie is wrapped up and placed in a Hostess box with other pairs of Twinkies, never to be seen by the Twinkie Fairies again.

You see, this question I just explained to you in detail was not a very difficult question to answer. It is very easy to understand once you do some research or have it explained to you! I hope that the chosen few able to read this secret, scientific, article now need not question anymore how the creamy filling gets in the Twinkie!

-Over & Out until next time: Dr. Molly XYZ

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Perfection is a Facade.

Have you ever thought somebody was that perfect person? Maybe you thought there was just something special about your friend, significant other, classmate or co-worker, or someone that you just admired and looked up to...but, we all know that no one is perfect. If you do not realize that by now, you definitely need to wake up and digest a bite of the real world.
There is nobody, anywhere out there, that is pure perfection with the exception of God.
However, it can be really easy to get caught up in someone and believe in the facade that this certain someone portrays. This person might not mean to seem perfect, but in spite of that, they still come off as perfect.
Deep down you know they are not. It is just common sense that nobody is perfect. Nevertheless, sometimes you unintentionally place someone up on a pedestal without even realizing it. I think most all of us do that to a certain extent; it's just human nature, except in some situations, it can go too far.
We place someone up so high in our minds, and then their imperfections start to show. At that point, we realize that they are merely human and it has the potential to be simply heartbreaking.
That is why sometimes we need to stop it before it goes too far. We need it to dawn on us, early on, that despite all of the great qualities someone might have, they are definitely not perfect. They have faults, difficulties, mistakes, and struggles just like the rest of us. When you finally take the time to think about this and take it all in, it could end up being such a relief.
At last, when you begin to see that nobody can possibly be perfect, you can take a deep breath and maybe, just maybe, be happy with yourself and with the people around you.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Title of This is Quite Long in Proportion to the Actual Paragraph.

Why is it that sometimes silence can be so unbearably loud?

Why can someone feel totally alone in a crowd full of people?

Unfortunately, I've been there.

Actually, in the end it was quite fortunate because it made me who I am. Now I am able to have an optimistic outlook and see that.

Most of us go ask questions to ourselves on a regular basis. Perhaps you question yourself multiple times a day.

Maybe it isn't all about the questions though; maybe it's more about the answers.

However, sometimes we must just trust ourselves enough to not second guess everything just live and see what happens.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Inspiration: Hypothetical Coffee.

As some of my friends know, I used to blog on myspace. I used to publish my creative articles there before I made this blog. Well, I just thought people might like to read the myspace post that actually inspired the name of my blog, "Hope, Fate, and and a Little Hypothetical Coffee..." It was something I wrote at a time when so many things felt like they were changing. It was called, "Maybe it’s time to wake up and smell the hypothetical coffee. " So without any further hoopla, please enjoy!

Maybe it’s time to wake up and smell the hypothetical coffee.

It is March 2, 2008. I am sitting here. Thinking. Like always...
Obviously I'm a thinker...I'm pretty insightful at times. However lately it seems like I've been having more trouble with understanding situations. It's not just one or two; it's a multiple kind of thing.

There are so many changes going on right now, and natural instincts of course tell me to hold on. Holding on isn't always an option. Holding on isn't always the way to go. Holding on sometimes is just plain old, plain old not available whatsoever. I need to wake up, smell the coffee and realize this. It isn't just me though; numerous people need to wake up and smell the hypothetical coffee of life. Call me deep. Call me absurd. Call me absolutely insane. The main point of it is still true.

Opportunities are not taken so often. How many people have told you this? Well, maybe it's time to listen to them. Maybe it's time to forgive and forget. Or maybe it's time to apologize. Maybe it's time to open up to someone. Maybe it's time for time. Maybe it's time to simply relax, and live. Life is something that can either be a wasted opportunity or a miraculous experience that will mean so much. Realize what you need to do at this taken for granted time like so many people don't.
Do it before the chance escapes you...