Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Differences Are Breaking Us Apart.

Why must there be so many arguments over politics? We all say we are working for peace, but we are just having more and more fights. I know politics are an essential part of our society, but they are breaking us apart. I do not believe friendships should be broken over politics, but they are all the time.

Look at all of the derogatory campaign adds with the elections going on. Some of the commercials are just plain mean. As I mentioned earlier, we are working towards peace. However, if we are truly trying then why does the campaigning become so darn mean? I know that people have strong feelings against certain candidates, but that is no reason for violence or broken friendships.

I have noticed lately the very diverse views people have on politics, and it has made me think. I think it is great that we are all allowed to have our varying views on things like the election; it's America for crying out loud! I just do not think that politics should make us hate or dislike anyone. I do not think that just because someone has different views than someone else that violence or cruelty should be the last resort.

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