Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Expect nothing and appreciate everything."

Life does not have to be fair. Nobody gets what they want all the time whether they will admit to it or not, and this is the way it should be. We have God's love which is already so incredibly much more than we deserve.

We take a massive amount of hoopla for granted this day and age. We have a world full of choices even if all we decide to do is to sit our lazy butt down in front of the computer and update our myspace or facebook profile. Admit it, this is what many of us do...including myself! I have no room to criticize the people who do this because I am one of many who do it.

We have so much we could be doing whether it is riding our bike, or actually writing a letter the "snail mail" way. However right now you're probably saying, "Who does that anymore?", right?

However we choose to text on our cell phones, post pictures online, beat medium on Guitar Hero, or download the new Taylor Swift song to our iPod. I am definitely not saying these are bad activities to do. They are not always bad. It is just after awhile we begin to expect all of this to come to us, and all of these material things become like another false god to us because we practically worship them in a way.

The point I am trying to get to is some people don't have all of these items that we take for granted. There are so many people who would be thrilled to just get a good, satisfying meal every day. They do not have a panic attack when their Internet is not working because they don't even have a home to live in let alone a computer to enjoy. We just need to learn to appreciate what we take for granted.

I definitely am not trying to sound like a hypocrite; I will willingly confess that I do take too much for granted. I just hope that someday we could learn to truly appreciate some of the simpler things that we usually do not, whether it is a friendly "Hello" or a fulfilling meal around the table with your family.

Just take the time to try and appreciate something today that you usually would not. As a quote says "Expect nothing and appreciate everything." I am not sure who wrote it or said it, or even if the quote is exactly write. The point though is that it is definitely a quote full of wisdom and truth...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Profound Simplicity.

Isn't it weird how one day you can think you know yourself so extremely well, and the next day you are so confused about who you are and start to question everything? One day you can be extremely confident with very few insecurities, and for some reason you wake up the next day and you're just not the same. You don't quite know what it is either; it's just like an aura or a vibe. It is not something you particularly like, but you do not know how to change it.

I have some discovering to do. I am not quite sure who exactly I am anymore. I know this is a regular teenage feeling to go through, but it still is weird to actually go through it. Maybe it is just something that is meant to happen to everybody. I think in a way that every person at some point in their life goes through a process of self-discovery; it's just a natural human process to go through.

I know everyone goes through changes. Maybe it is not a big change. Maybe for years your favorite color was yellow and then you wake up one day and it's suddenly changed to hot pink. Things like that just happen sometimes.

However, maybe the change you're going through is a big change. Maybe it is something that feels so monumental. It could have happened suddenly or gradually over time, but it's not something that goes unnoticed. There are both good changes and bad changes. There are also good AND bad changes. Sometimes it takes a really long time to see the good in something bad, and then you find out that the change shouldn't have been seen as bad at all. It was a good change! It just took you awhile to figure out because sometimes that's just the way it goes. It doesn't sound like the most philosophical saying in the world, "sometimes that's just the way it goes." Sometimes though, it is about the simplicity in the statement that makes it so profound. Sometimes the simplicity is the attribute we need to focus on the most...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just to let you all know...

I started a new personal blog because this one's more for my creative writing, and I'd like to keep it that way. So it's in my links, check it out! :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Letting Go...Because I Have To.

Finally the ball is in my court, and you are in the palm of my hand. I clasp my fingers around you and do not let you go. After all this time you are mine; it is not the other way around anymore. I smile a victorious smile and enjoy the moment. You stubbornly try to escape from my determined hand, but I tighten my grip. I tighten the grip that I've wanted, needed, for oh so long.

I am no longer a slave, and I feel the freedom envelope me. I smell the glory of change. The anger I have felt has alas won over my lamentation. I wipe off the last tear with the back of my hand and then wash my face literally and metaphorically.

Then I loosen the grip that I have worked so hard to obtain. I loosen the grip and set you free, because I do not want to enslave you as you enslaved me. That is not what I want at all. I just need you to go for my sake. I have to do this because it is best for me, and I finally have to do this. I have to believe I am better than that because it's true; I am. I am not being conceited; there are just times when someone deserves better, and in this case it was me.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

In Love?

I have been thinking about something that I would appreciate feedback on. Some people do it, and some don't. Some young preteens or teenagers do this though. What I am thinking of is when people (usually preteens or teenagers) are "going out" or whatever they choose to call it, and let's say after 2 days of dating they think they are "IN LOVE" with each other. Many of the couples saying this are no older than 13 or 14, maybe even younger, but after 2 freaking of days of dating they are MADLY in love with one another. I am sorry if this blog offends anyone, but most of the younger couples who do this do not even know what that kind of love feels like, let alone feel it. However they have things like, "John [loves Kaye soooo much! <3]"

Monday, July 7, 2008

Feelings & Trust.

Sometimes you just have to do what feels right. You are not always able to know whether it will be right ten years from now, but sometimes you just have to take that chance. Risks can provide you with some of the best feelings in life. They can also provide you with some of the worst feelings in life. Either way it is important to have experience with different kinds of feelings whether that feeling is ecstatic or heartbroken. Look at "the little rich girl" who seems to always get her way. She does not know how to feel compassion for a human being who is less fortunate than her.
I have definitely had my fair share of feelings. If you know me very well at all you should already know that. I have taken at least a couple of major risks, but I hope to take more in the future. Sometimes there is someone or something that you have to trust. Whether it is yourself you are trying to trust or someone else, eventually your heart just tells you that you need to have faith in something or someone. I believe that it is natural human nature to feel that way. There are times we need to just peel the layer of protection off of our hearts. We need to have faith in ourselves and others enough to be open to trust...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I was thinking about imperfections today. Imperfection is something everyone should be able to relate to. Everyone has their own imperfections, whether it has to do with the way we look, feel, or act. Sometimes our imperfections are not so bad at all, but it is just the way we view the so-called "imperfections" that makes them seem bad. Of course we do have some imperfections that we would like to change. I know that there have been times when I've cared about someone so much that I have smothered them. It is a fault that I am trying to work on. We all have our faults and our weaknesses. I think a positive thing we can do is to accept the imperfections we are not able to change. We can try to appreciate the quirkiness of our imperfections as a special trait that helps to define who we are. As for the imperfections we can change maybe we should change certain aspects of ourselves and maybe we should not change others. It all depends on the individual trait that we call an imperfection. Maybe when you take the time to reflect you will realize that you don't have so many imperfections after all!

*ahem* the start of my blogging on blogspot. haha :)

Hello all. Sooo obviously I've decided to start a blog. =] I've blogged on myspace also, but I just wanted to have a blogging blog instead of just myspace blog. haha. Anyway, I have started this blog to write because I love to write. I plan on using it quite a bit. That's my hope anyway. So please check out my blog frequently for exciting reads. (haha) OH and leave me comments on my blogs! I love comments! Well for now I suppose I will go. But who knows? Maybe I will even write another actual blog with some actual interesting stuff in it later today. Because obviously this blog is not very interesting! So bye for now! :)