Saturday, July 26, 2008

Profound Simplicity.

Isn't it weird how one day you can think you know yourself so extremely well, and the next day you are so confused about who you are and start to question everything? One day you can be extremely confident with very few insecurities, and for some reason you wake up the next day and you're just not the same. You don't quite know what it is either; it's just like an aura or a vibe. It is not something you particularly like, but you do not know how to change it.

I have some discovering to do. I am not quite sure who exactly I am anymore. I know this is a regular teenage feeling to go through, but it still is weird to actually go through it. Maybe it is just something that is meant to happen to everybody. I think in a way that every person at some point in their life goes through a process of self-discovery; it's just a natural human process to go through.

I know everyone goes through changes. Maybe it is not a big change. Maybe for years your favorite color was yellow and then you wake up one day and it's suddenly changed to hot pink. Things like that just happen sometimes.

However, maybe the change you're going through is a big change. Maybe it is something that feels so monumental. It could have happened suddenly or gradually over time, but it's not something that goes unnoticed. There are both good changes and bad changes. There are also good AND bad changes. Sometimes it takes a really long time to see the good in something bad, and then you find out that the change shouldn't have been seen as bad at all. It was a good change! It just took you awhile to figure out because sometimes that's just the way it goes. It doesn't sound like the most philosophical saying in the world, "sometimes that's just the way it goes." Sometimes though, it is about the simplicity in the statement that makes it so profound. Sometimes the simplicity is the attribute we need to focus on the most...

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