Friday, February 27, 2009

And It's Not Supposed to be Like This; Unlucky in Love.

"And it's not supposed to be like this," she thinks. She doesn't know what to do because this is the first time she's experienced something like this, and Fate seems to be totally against it. God on the other hand is sending mixed signals.

She knows God gave us all free will for a reason, but is it a sin to wish sometimes that she was equivalent to a robot, and God would just make all of the decisions for her?

She also knows that she is not supposed to question God, but how can she not when it seems like she's so unlucky in love?

It seems as if every time she thinks it will finally be right it turns out wrong.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Facades & Fantasies.

What do you do when a person you thought you knew was never the person you believed they were at all?

What if it was all just a facade, a mere glimpse at a fantasy that never will be?

What do you do when all you have left is that fantasy to hold on to?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

She is Someone.

She isn't that quiet girl anymore who blends into the background. She isn't that girl anymore who you pass by without looking back for a second glance. She is not no one anymore; she is someone.

She is someone who has loved a lot and lost a lot, hoped and dreamed a lot. She has seen a lot, she has done a lot. She has had many emotions, many feelings, but she hasn't felt nearly all of what she will feel. This has all just been a mere beginning to what will come.

She has had some good, some bad fortune thus far in her life. She is sure that she has not yet felt the ecstasy that she will someday feel, as well as the pain.

She has the soul of a grandmother, but she is still a child.

All she knows is what is now, and what was. She is not ready to worry about the future at this point. She is not ready for the next chapter in her life quite yet. All she is ready for at the moment is now. If she knows nothing else, she knows that she is someone, and that is really the only thing she needs to know.