Friday, January 29, 2010

My Feelings About Social Networking.

The following is something I wrote for English. I hope you like it!...

Social networking has become quite popular over the past few years. Websites like Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter are used by people as young as thirteen or fourteen to people as old as fifty or sixty. People use these websites for various reasons. A fourteen year old girl might use Myspace to post cute pictures of herself, or maybe she'll want one just because "everybody else" has one. A sixty year old man might use Facebook to reconnect with old high school friends or stay in touch with grandkids. A thirty year old single mom may us Twitter to update her family and friends on how the kids are doing or even to use her profile much like a dating website to connect with other singles in her area.

Social networking websites definitely have their advantages. However, they also have plenty of disadvantages too. Social networking websites are very dangerous if you do not use them properly. People are not always who they say they are on the Internet, and social networking is no different. Think about it. A social networking website is the perfect place for criminals - especially sexual offenders.

A forty-five year old man can pose as a fifteen year old boy and talk to a fifteen year old girl. It is really that simple. Almost everyone who knows technology at all could go to Google and search for a picture of a young by. After the problem is solved, everything else comes easily.

Yes, you are supposed to agree to the terms and conditions of your preferred social networking website, but can you honestly say that you read them? How many people don't even skim the terms and conditions when they sign up, let alone read them word for word? That is why I believe that nobody, especially young children, should put information out there that is too identifying. Don't post anything that you don't want the whole world to see. Just because it's "private" doesn't mean it's safe.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


She has withdrawn, and she knows it. It seems that she does not know how to interact with anyone anymore; her voice shakes, her hands tremble. What is wrong with me? she wonders. It feels as if the answer should be on the tip of her tongue, but nothing comes to mind.

She feels not so much that she has been abandoned, but that she has allowed people to abandon her. It isn't always easy to make friends with someone who does not trust anyone, and hides all of her feelings. She is afraid to be around people, but she is almost more afraid to be alone.

What started this cycle? When will it all end? All she knows for sure is that she is ready to find out...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

10 Things Tuesday;; Reasons I'm Glad to be Back. :)

Sorry I have not posted much lately. I have not had much creativity flowing in my brain, as I mentioned earlier. I also just started into musical rehearsals tonight, so my posting may decrease even more. However, I DID remember Ten Things Tuesday! Today it is ten reasons why I am glad to be back in rehearsal! :)
1. Theatre kids are the best. Hands down.
2. I can be weird, and nobody notices.
3. I get my nightly dose of caffeine. :D
4. Nobody acts their age.
5. We can talk in funny accents whenever we feel like it.
6. I can pretend I actually have a life...haha!
7. I love set constructions!!! (I know that probably sounds weird, but I can't help it. I honestly look forward to set constructions!)
8. Late night restaurant hopping is the best! ;)
9. It's fun to say Macbeth in the theatre just because you're not supposed too. (Yeah, don't ask me, it's just one of those old theatre myths.)
10. Back stage games!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday: Emoticons! :D

So, it's another 10 Things Tuesday. I need to write a regular post so bad, but I have not felt the creativity vibrations in a few days. I hope they come back soon! :( Anyway, guess for today my 10 Things Tuesday will be...emoticons! You know? -> :)

1. :O <-OMG!
2. :3 <-crooked smile (or a butterfly I guess..)
3. =) <-happy!
4. O.o <- ohhh ahhh...
5. :'( <-tear
6. :D <-comedy
7. D: <-tragedy
8. =/ <-slightly upset
9. ;) <-wink
10. :* <-muah! (a kiss)

I told you guys I'm losing my creativity, but Happy Ten Things Tuesday anyway! I wish for more creativity in the upcoming days!

Hope you all had a great day anyway! :) ;) :O :D

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

10 Things Tuesday; "Guided By Wire"

Hello lovelies! It is yet another Ten Things Tuesday, and like I did not too long ago, I chose to pick ten words from a song I like. It is called "Guided By Wire" and is by Neko Case.

"Voices that did comfort me are furthest from my sanity"

The whole song is quite thought provoking, and you should listen to it it you haven't. It has some pretty good lyrics. So, I hope you enjoy this post, and enjoy the song! Hope everyone had an amazing day! :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 WILL be a Great Year!

"Every story has an end, but in life every end is just a new beginning."

I am not sure who said or wrote the quote above. To tell you the truth, I found that saying on a myspace graphic. However, I think it carries a very appropriate attitude to start off the new year with. Do not think of what you lost in 2009; think of what you will gain in 2010. 2009 is a chapter that has already been written. Your work is complete, your mistakes were made, your lessons were learned.

I know I made numerous mistakes in 2009, but I learned many lessons too. It is possible that I even learned more than I made mistakes. With every mistake, there is the wonderful opportunity to learn. Our mistakes that we learn from help mold us into better individuals. Change is inevitable and essential in our ever-changing world. It is something we can try to run from, but we cannot hide from at. However, why would we want to? Change is natural, beautiful, and constant. Change is about the only thing in our lives that is constant, with the exception of God.

Besides, if we did not have change, what would we have? Criminals would never stop committing crimes, drug addicts would never go into rehabilitation, and babies would never stop crying, pooping, and spitting up. Think about it! What would our world come to?! We would have one way of doing things, one boring pattern of life, and nothing new to look forward to! Change is a blessing, although we may not always realize it. I am confident that though there will be many changes, 2010 WILL be a great year for me, and as long as you keep an optimistic attitude, 2010 WILL be a great year for you too!