Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday: Emoticons! :D

So, it's another 10 Things Tuesday. I need to write a regular post so bad, but I have not felt the creativity vibrations in a few days. I hope they come back soon! :( Anyway, guess for today my 10 Things Tuesday will be...emoticons! You know? -> :)

1. :O <-OMG!
2. :3 <-crooked smile (or a butterfly I guess..)
3. =) <-happy!
4. O.o <- ohhh ahhh...
5. :'( <-tear
6. :D <-comedy
7. D: <-tragedy
8. =/ <-slightly upset
9. ;) <-wink
10. :* <-muah! (a kiss)

I told you guys I'm losing my creativity, but Happy Ten Things Tuesday anyway! I wish for more creativity in the upcoming days!

Hope you all had a great day anyway! :) ;) :O :D

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