Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 WILL be a Great Year!

"Every story has an end, but in life every end is just a new beginning."

I am not sure who said or wrote the quote above. To tell you the truth, I found that saying on a myspace graphic. However, I think it carries a very appropriate attitude to start off the new year with. Do not think of what you lost in 2009; think of what you will gain in 2010. 2009 is a chapter that has already been written. Your work is complete, your mistakes were made, your lessons were learned.

I know I made numerous mistakes in 2009, but I learned many lessons too. It is possible that I even learned more than I made mistakes. With every mistake, there is the wonderful opportunity to learn. Our mistakes that we learn from help mold us into better individuals. Change is inevitable and essential in our ever-changing world. It is something we can try to run from, but we cannot hide from at. However, why would we want to? Change is natural, beautiful, and constant. Change is about the only thing in our lives that is constant, with the exception of God.

Besides, if we did not have change, what would we have? Criminals would never stop committing crimes, drug addicts would never go into rehabilitation, and babies would never stop crying, pooping, and spitting up. Think about it! What would our world come to?! We would have one way of doing things, one boring pattern of life, and nothing new to look forward to! Change is a blessing, although we may not always realize it. I am confident that though there will be many changes, 2010 WILL be a great year for me, and as long as you keep an optimistic attitude, 2010 WILL be a great year for you too!

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