Friday, August 28, 2009

Nothing At All.

She knows her strengths.

She knows her weaknesses.

She knows other people.

She understands other people.

She gets how someone can be liked by some, but hated by others.

She knows that some of the most disliked people are just misunderstood. They have great talent somewhere inside of them, just waiting to seep out, and be seen by all.


if she is so good at understanding everything, then why does it seem that she cannot understand ...

anything at all?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday: School Has Started!

FINALLY I remembered it was Ten Things Tuesday, and actually had the initiative to sit down and do it! So today, I am doing five things I like about school starting, and five things I don't like!

1. seeing friends
2. meeting new people
3. having my daily dose of entertainment from the guys in my class
4. fall play try-outs soon!! (I have been talking about that one a lot...)
5. the chance to see ball games when I can

1. paying attention in classes that bore me
2. having to wait to eat lunch.
3. HOMEWORK!!!!!
4. Umm...what was that? Oh yeah, homework!
5. Shoot...what did I forget? I knew forgot something...homework!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Do You Hold the Key?

reality...or just a mere fantasy?
can’t seem to make you see that it’s not just you and me.
Do you hold the figure out all of me?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Deepest Apologies...

My deepest apologies for not have the usual "Ten Things Tuesday" yesterday. I have been sick the last few days, and getting ready to start school. So, I hope you all understand. I will try to keep my blog updated even though I am going to be going back to school, although please understand if it is not as frequently updated as in the summer. Well, I may write a blog soon, but I just wanted to post this so everyone knew what was going on. Thanks for taking your time to read, and have a wonderful day!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

R-E-S-P-E-C-T! (There Needs to be More of it!)

I have come to realize that some men need to have a lot more respect for women. A couple of rappers that are thought very highly of have some of the most demeaning lyrics towards women I have ever seen or heard in my life.

You see, when I see a song title that I think is interesting, I like to look up the lyrics. So today, I saw a couple of songs with so-called *interesting* titles, and I decided to look up the lyrics. Why not?

Well, I was absolutely APPALLED, TAKEN ABACK, AND DISGUSTED! The lyrics to these songs I looked up were some of the most disgusting, nasty words put together into a song that I have ever seen in my life! I cannot believe some people actually write stuff like this. The weird thing is that people actually like the artists, and like the songs. They buy them! They spend their hard earned money on something useless (in my eyes) and insulting; it's unbelievable!

What is also insulting is that women do things to make men write these horrible, gross songs. It gives women a bad name. The women that act that way are begging men to write the nasty songs, and I think that it is just horrible that some women are so cheap and trashy.

All in all, I just wish people had higher goals and more self esteem. I wish people had more confidence in themselves to accomplish bigger and better things. What ever happened to people wanting more out of life than a bad song with lyrics full of fluff? There needs to be change in this world, and I hope I can contribute. I hope I can at least give a small portion of goodness to the world, and those in it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday: Why I am Excited to Go Back to School.

As we all know, it is nearing fall (in Illinois at least), which to me means the start of school! So today, my list is ten reasons why I am excited that I am going to be going back to school!

1. seeing old friends again
2. meeting new friends
3. the fall play starts soon after school starts
4. I love the dances (homecoming & prom)
5. I will have a lot more to do during the school year
6. I will get the daily entertainment that I always long for.
7. I probably won't worry as much about stupid things, because I will have more to keep my mind occupied.
8. I will be a senior (which is bittersweet.)
9. I will get to go to some of the ball games (hopefully!)
10. I will get to take a lot of pictures, and then remember it all later!

So, what are/were ten of your favorite things about going back to school?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just Go.

I've been walked on, but I can't accept that anymore. I've been pushed down, but I am up off of that dirty floor. I don't need anyone who is going to leave me there, waiting, gasping for breath, as I lie cracked open and broken-hearted.

I've known it all along, but will I ever know it? Will I ever know it really?

And you think that you are quite the gentleman don't you? So you opened a door for me and paid for my dinner. Do you really think that is enough for me? Do you think that is what I really want out of you most? Well, if you thought that before, you were dead wrong.

However you always have been haven't you? It was just never right, and it never will be. But I wish you the best my friend, and hope you wish the same upon me.

I might never know, but you just have to go.