Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday: Why I am Excited to Go Back to School.

As we all know, it is nearing fall (in Illinois at least), which to me means the start of school! So today, my list is ten reasons why I am excited that I am going to be going back to school!

1. seeing old friends again
2. meeting new friends
3. the fall play starts soon after school starts
4. I love the dances (homecoming & prom)
5. I will have a lot more to do during the school year
6. I will get the daily entertainment that I always long for.
7. I probably won't worry as much about stupid things, because I will have more to keep my mind occupied.
8. I will be a senior (which is bittersweet.)
9. I will get to go to some of the ball games (hopefully!)
10. I will get to take a lot of pictures, and then remember it all later!

So, what are/were ten of your favorite things about going back to school?

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