Thursday, October 15, 2009

"GO GREEN!" They Say...

Hello everyone. Today, when I logged in, I became aware that today is supposedly "Blog Action Day 2009." I actually had never heard that there was such a day before; I was surprised! You see, Blog Action Day is apparently a day where a vast array of bloggers unite, and all post on the same subject. This year the subject is "climate change."

I would be lying to you if I said that I was an expert on climate change. I am a teenager...I really don't care at this point what it's doing in California when I feel like I'm 90,823,848,934 miles away! (Ha!)

I know it is important to a good number of people though. (How many politicians don't mention global warming while they are campaigning in some way, shape, or form?!) They believe in it or they think it's crazy, they care about it or they don't. It seems like we see it everywhere whether we want to or not.

"GO GREEN!" Is that not one the favorite phrases right now? However, how many people who have that phrase, or a phrase like it on a t-shirt, a sticker, whatever, ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT IT MEANS?! Okay, so we know the general meaning: keeping the earth healthy, save the world, peace everywhere! Are you nodding your head in agreement? Good.

We, as humans, tend to do things that our peers do. John does something, so Jimmy does something, so Sally does something, so Susie does something. Right?

I know that some environmental activists have really good intentions, but some of us are just going along with the ride! How many of us actually care about the climate changing? Sure, we care in times of devastation or emergency, but how many of us really care on a day to day basis? Slim to none.

I am a hypocrite in saying this, because you want to know how many times I think about climate change on a regular day? Zero. I NEVER think about climate change. It is something that doesn't even cross my mind.

All I am saying, is that maybe we should start listening to those corny commercials every once in awhile. They seem so cheesy, but they wouldn't be if everyone in the world would actually listen to them! Our world would be in much better shape! All I ask of you after reading this is to do something good for the earth that you wouldn't do on a regular basis. I will too --- I'm getting ready to go turn out a light right now. :)

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