Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Open Letter to Myspace

Dear Myspace,

Remember when we were such close friends?  We have shared so many good comments, but we were younger back then.  As we have grown older, we have distanced.  You have become more complicated, and I have become more simple.  We both have a different top eight now, and that is probably a good thing.  I do not need you like I used to - I am more independent now.  You will always have a place in my heart, because you gave me so much.  You were perfect when I needed you; I just don't need you anymore.  I will always cherish the times we shared, but I am overly ready to move on.  I will probably visit you every now and again, but I do not think things will ever be the same between us.  It's not you, and it's not me.  It is just time and change that is separating us.

An Old Friend Request

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K.M. Weiland said...

I never did get into MySpace. By the time I joined the social revolution, Facebook was the It place. I always found it friendlier in format and easier to use than MySpace. Wonder what will come along and replace Facebook in a few years?