Sunday, August 28, 2011

An Open Letter to Vending Machines Everywhere.

Dear Vending Machine,

Why must you constantly tempt me?  You seem to follow me around everywhere at school.  I can't get away from you, wherever I go!  On top of that, you want to fatten me up.  Your gifts to me are always something like candy, chips, or soda.  Don't get me wrong, my love.  I love your salty, sweet, and refreshing treats.  I just don't know if this relationship is healthy for me anymore.  I mean, you take all of my money!  Don't you think you need to become more independent?  I cannot support you forever, you know.  I know you act like you love me, but I'm beginning to think that you only love me for my money.  Sometimes you don't even give me anything return for all my hard earned change.  Is it out of spite, my dear Vending Machine?  Maybe I will never know.  I just think it would be best if I severed my ties with you right now.  It will be best for both of us in the end.


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