Friday, April 16, 2010

My Time to Decide.

I found the image to the left today, and I realized it kind of describes how I feel right now.

I remember walking in on the first day of high school. I felt as if I were a firefly finally being released from my secure, little jar of safety. While most of those around me were terrified, I was pretty darn excited! I was in a new town, and there were new people all around me. It may sound cliche, but I thought I could be whoever I wanted to be!

A few days into the beginning of my high school journey, I realized that it was not all it was cracked up to be. I turned from an eager new freshman into someone who wished she was invisible. I remember myself one day trying to count down the approximate days until graduation. Being a freshman (and especially one who sucked at math!) that was out of the question, and obviously did not work. I wished more than anything though that I could be a senior, and just finish that freshman chapter of my life.

I made it through freshman year, and sophomore year was much better due to a change in circumstances. All of my high school years have been much better, in fact. I have had to go through hardships just like everyone else, but I have also gotten used to high school. It is ordinary and familiar. It is the norm for me now, but soon everything will change...

I will suddenly be released from my second secure, little jar, and have to fly out into an unknown world. I will definitely not fly on my own, but I will have to be more in charge of what I do. I won't have all the second chances I did in high school.

Now it is my time to decide:
whether I choose to fall, or to light up the world and fly...

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