Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Until Next Time...

Since I last wrote, Griffin (my boyfriend) and I, have started going to the gym regularly.  I have gone almost every day since we got our free pass with either Griffin, or my friend, Carrie.  I swear, it is making me feel so much better already!  I haven't been nearly as sore as I thought I would be afterwards, but I can tell during the workout that I am exercising muscles that I am not used to using.  I have already lost a few pounds, and I am super excited!

I also just finished reading this really great book called "This Star Won't Go Out" by Esther Earl, with Lori and Wayne Earl.  It is a non-fiction book that tells the story of a girl battling thyroid cancer through her journals, online conversations, drawings, etc.  Actually, John Green dedicated "The Fault in Our Stars" to THIS girl!  (If you haven't read that book yet you are either crazy or live under a rock!)  LOL

Anyway, other than that, I don't much else I want to say now.  There are things I could say, but I like to keep my personal life at least somewhat personal.  Until next time...

With love,

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