Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Silently Exploding 09/01/2015

I am a penguin:  black and white.  I struggle to see the colors within myself.
I have wings, but they only serve as a painful reminder that I am incapable of flying.  Everyone around me sees my wings and they ask, "Why don't you just fly?"  I simply tell them, "I can't."  They refuse to accept my answer.  They continue to insist that I can fly if I really want to - if I try just a little bit harder. 
I grow so frustrated with all of them - with myself - that my whole body tenses up.  I feel like a carbonated beverage trapped inside an aluminum can. 
All of these people just shake me, and shake me, and shake me.  When I finally open up, I explode.  It shocks them all.  They never believed that all of the shaking would actually cause an explosion.
After all, I am a penguin...always wearing my tuxedo.  I put on a happy face as I feel the avalanche shift beneath my feet.  I keep smiling as the avalanche pushes me farther and farther away until suddenly, I am not me anymore.  I am the remains of a crumpled up tuxedo, cold and soaking wet, lying underneath an avalanche.  I am suffocating as the snow and my shame engulf me until I can no longer move...I can no longer breathe.
And as they stare, they silently wonder why I didn't just fly...

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