Sunday, February 14, 2016

Moon Walking on a Treadmill

I hate running, but I run like I am training for the summer olympics 

All the while, my feet stay still
For it is only my mind that is running away

My "what ifs" consume most of my time 
I run from what could be by focusing on what I think should be, and oh - how it ruins me

I am running on a treadmill 
Everyone around me is moving 
Even my own feet go through the motions, but they never actually take me anywhere
Sometimes I think they will, but then all of the people around me start to blur
I realize then that they are moving;
I am the one who is staying still 

I feel like I must be the moon
The moon follows alongside your car at night, but the sad truth is that the moon never really goes anywhere 
It tricks everyone into thinking that it moves with them, but in all reality it is just lighting the way for everyone else

I am a light, but how can I stay bright when it is only a matter of time until I drown in the darkness again?

I am full.  I am half.  I am gone.

No one appreciates the endless light I have to give, but they always find fault with me when I am gone

I am surrounded by darkness all the time, but for  them even one night is just too much to bare
Maybe that is why I am given the responsibility of being the moon
At my weakest, I am strong
I continue to carry on, bringing my light with me wherever I go...even when no one appreciates it

Perhaps someday my perseverance will finally  take me somewhere
Until then, I will keep shining down, and light up as much of the world as I possibly can


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