Saturday, December 19, 2009

No More II.

If you haven't already, read No More. before you read the following post, because this post is a sequel to that post. The following poem was originally written 10/23/09:

No More II.

Goodbye my love, it's been fun.

You know, I see why you're always on the run...

Running from something, you can't get away.

You never will, in your heart I will stay...

Because I was the best you ever had.

I was the one who made you truly glad.

It is your loss not mine, but it is still very sad.

I can only hope you grow up, because I know you're not bad.

For you I feel sorry; for you I feel grief.

I hope you learn to turn over a new leaf.

I just hope I helped you in some small way;

That thought provides me comfort at the end of the day.

And with that I quietly say, "No more."

I cannot open a nonexistent door.

I bid farewell, I say adieu...

I'm sorry I have to do this, but I'm sorry for YOU.

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