Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I'm Such a Hipster...I was Indie Pendent Before it was Cool.

Hey everyone!!!  Happy 4th of July!!!  I hope you all have something fun planned today with your family or friends.  What am I doing, you ask?  Well, I am going to see TWO movies with my boyfriend.  You heard me, we are going to the theatre TWICE today.  The first movie we are going to see is "Brave".  I am not usually one to go see all of the animated movies; cartoon movies have never been a big thing for me...ever.  This one in particular however, I felt like I had to see.  The music, even in the commercials was beautiful.  Besides, this film seems to radiate girl power!  I guess Ryan and I will just have to see. :)

The second movie we will be seeing today is "Abraham Lincoln:  Vampire Hunter."  My own mother was shocked that I wanted to see this movie.  I cannot promise that I will like it, but I am hoping for the best.  I'm going to give it my best shot!

Other than that, we may hit up the local carnival for a little while.  What will you be doing to celebrate today?

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