Friday, November 30, 2012

April Fool

Originally written 2/29/2012 with the exception of edits.


Why are you considered an angel
When you are just an April Fool?

Why am I consistently outcast,
And why do people think that you are actually cool?

I can see right through you
You self-fulfilling curse

To me you are the worst kind of expletive
Too bad to write in this verse
What is it that people see
Behind your disgusting face?

Maybe it is just me,
But I consider you a total disgrace

If you are considered a lady
Then I am ashamed to be what you are

I try so hard to be classy
A woman that people will respect

But apparently they like what you have to offer
Which means they like nothing, I guess

Well, if that's what they like
I suppose I have nothing to give

I am way more complex than that
I am not an easy enough catch for them

Well, let me tell you, angel
You may think you have it all now

But when I am alone at night
I may be lonely, but I am proud

And you are just a fallen angel
Ugly, broken, alone
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