Monday, June 29, 2015

Secrets, Lies, & Cotton Candy

Originally Written:  6/29/10 

You were like cotton candy - full of fluff, but lacking any real substance.  Or was I the cotton candy?  Melting in the presence of your seemingly sweet words, but eventually, inevitably, falling into the big, empty, black hole that was you...

How did I dissolve so easily?  Why did I melt inside your mouth - the place where smoke and secrets lingered?  Why did I want to be in a place that was so dark, empty, and broken? 
I'll tell you why.  I was lost then.  I was looking for some sort of protection - any sort of protection.  I thought I had found it - my own kind of promise land.

Little did I know...those promises were just cheap little lies.  You formed them in your secret filled head, and then they rolled right off of your lying tongue.

But you are no more than cotton candy.  No more than a sweet exterior that lacks any actual substance. 

I won't
melt for

Photos courtesy of:,, and the first one at the top is one I took myself on my cell phone camera and edited. :)

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