Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Getting Our Priorities Straight.

Why are we so concerned about petty things that aren't important, yet when something is important, we take it for granted?

Why do we even care if Britney Spears shaves her head or if Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian? Let's face it: that will most likely not matter in the long run of our lives.

However, many of the things we do have, we take for granted. Whether we are always used to having our cell phone by our side, or always having that one friend that is there for us no matter what, there are things we all take for granted.

Either way, we need to understand that cell phone could break, or the friend we've always counted on could get tired of being just a doormat.

Of course we will always take something for granted; it's human nature.

We just have to understand that no matter how hard a time we are going through, there is almost always a person worse off. Stay optimistic, and keep your head up through the rough patches.

This may be easier said than done, but it is possible to keep your head up even when everything else seems down.

There are times in life when we must take a step back and look at our priorities for what they are.

Some time you might realize that what is close to the bottom, should be near the top...

And some things are not as important as they once seemed.

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