Saturday, September 6, 2008

Is Ignorance Always Bliss?

Certain people are just so ignorant sometimes. They are full of themselves, yet insecure. You can hear them lament from miles away out of their own self pity.

However this is not always obvious to everyone. Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out whether a person is real or fake. So many people are not real today because they strive to be like a Barbie doll or maybe it is just their personality.

There are also people who try to be genuinely real most of the time, but we all mess up sometimes. Obviously we are not all perfect, and that is okay. It is just that some people get to the point of being fake, that you don't know what to think is the truth anymore. You do not know if what they do or say is the truth or just another lie.

It gets to me when someone begs and begs for something that they don't even care enough to give in return, to a person who has also begged and begged to them. That might not make sense to everyone, but it has a good point and it makes a darn lot of sense to me.

I wish people would not be so thoughtless to ask for something that they will not give back. I am not saying if you give someone a Christmas present they should give you one. I am not even speaking in terms of material things. I am saying that if you ask for kindness from someone else you should probably be kind in return.

I think this applies for many attributes like kindness and trust. Of course there are mistakes or problems or disagreements every once in awhile, but I feel that if all of the participants in the relationship are willing, then some kind of peaceful decision can be made.

Maybe we are not able to see all people for who they really are all the time. However, sometimes we need to take the responsibility for opening our own eyes...

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