Monday, January 12, 2009

You...and You Alone.

"The only thing you need is me," he says. "I'll make you happy; I'll be everything you'll ever need or want." "Okay," she hesitantly gives in. She wants to trust him, but part of her still doesn't. She can't. How can she trust him when so many others have let her down? She knows she has to trust someone eventually, but is it time yet? Is it time to let her guard down?

Well, let's do this. And so what if it doesn't work out? Then at least she can say she tried.

Will she succeed or fail? Come out with flying colors, or drop out of the race? You want to know who it is really up to? It's up to you...and you alone.

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iDork said...

Did you write this?
I really like it!