Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday: Names!!!

Another Ten Things Tuesday...YAY...I remember it today! =D Aren't you proud. Well, today I decided to pick five of my favorite names for girls, and five of my favorite names for boys! So here it is:

1. Hope (One of my favorite words also)
2. Emily (Classic, but beautiful)
3. Jamie (I like it for boys, but also for girls!)
4. Demi (An all around pretty name I think)
5. Reese (Another pretty name for a boy or girl)...and it's a great candy too! haha :P

1. Daniel (One I have liked since I was little...)
2. Levi (Interesting, and somewhat unique)
3. Asher (VERY unique...have you noticed I like Bible-ish names?? haha)
4. Carson (Another unique one, that I quite like)
5. Jesse (I think it is a nice name, and simple)

Well, that's all for now! However, hope your creative juices started flowing; I like some pretty unique names. And hey, if you're having a kid soon it's always good to check out the options, right?! As always, if you would like let me know 10 of YOUR favorite names! Have a great night, and a wonderful day tomorrow! :)

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