Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fruit Loops R Us

Have you ever seen, heard, or read the saying, "In a world of Cheerios, be a Fruit Loop!"? Well, I did not make it up, and I have no idea who did. I have seen it, though, many times. It really makes me think. The world is full of 'Cheerios.' By that, I mean the world is full of people who want to act like someone else, dress like someone else, and essentially want to be like everyone else. I am not saying I have never been guilty of acting like someone else. We all do it to some extent at some point in our lives. However, when you are completely changing who you are, and making yourself miserable, that is just going a little too far in my opinion.

There is so much diversity in the world. America is known for its diversity. So many people, nowadays, want to stick to their closed-minded beliefs that they grew up with and not figure out who they are as an individual. They are the person that everyone else turned them into, or they are who they think others want to see them as.

The thing is, the world is not meant to be black and white. There are a countless number of colors that exist in the world! We should not let the 'Cheerios' in our lives pull us down! It is their loss, not ours, if they choose to be a Cheerio. Now, do not take this in the wrong way. I am not telling you that you should change the type of breakfast cereal you eat. That really has nothing to do with it. I am just saying be the burst of color in a world that is becoming so bland! Be the smiling face in a world full of frowns! Most of all: be *YOURSELF* in a world of people who are trying to be anything but!!!!!

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