Monday, June 21, 2010

25 Things About ME!!!!!

Hey guys!  So I just realized I was tagged by Ms. Jessi Haish, of The Musings of a Wannabe Star to participate in the "25 Things" game.  I do not know how many of you have taken part of it before, but it is an extremely fun game in which you write a list of 25 things about yourself.  These things can pretty much consist of anything!  Here are the rules: 
Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a post with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you. I go!!!  25 things about myself!

1.  Theatre is pretty much my life!  My dream is to be an actress, and I would love to move to New York someday!
2.  I love the color black.  No...I am not goth.  I just think it is a nice, expressive color.
3.  I own over ten pairs of Converse.  I also own a lot of flip flops.  I guess you could say I am a shoe person.  :P 
4.  I over analyze almost everything.  I have a serious problem with thinking too much, even when I shouldn't.  Then other times, when I need to think, (*cough* school) I don't think enough.
5.  I have an insanely hilarious sense of humor.  I can make a joke out of almost anything.  Some people have told me I should be a comedian. 
6.  I love psychology.  It was one of my absolute favorite subjects that I took in high school.  I hope to do something with psychology in my life.  I am very interested in people, and why they are the way they are.
7.  You take me to a bookstore, and I can spend hours killing time there.  I love to read, and I love to go to bookstores.  There is just something special about holding a new book in your hand that you know is yours. 
8.  I love the books "Please Stop Laughing At Me..." and "Please Stop Laughing At Us..." by Jodee Blanco.  She is one of my heroes, and you should really check out her two books that I mentioned.  The first one, especially, changed my life.
9.  I really love to write.  It helps me sort through the things I am going through.  My journal is a great friend, and it doesn't judge me even when everyone else seems to.
10.  I am really into quotes and lyrics that mean something to me.
11.  Speaking of lyrics, I love music.  I especially love when music has good lyrics.  I have an array of music on my iPod.  I have everything from country to alternative, rock to pop, and even the music out of some musicals.  I like to think that you can tell a lot about a person based on their music taste, but I have not proven that theory yet.
12.  I love going to the movies with friends, even if I don't particularly like the movie, because I enjoy eating movie popcorn.  I guess I also enjoy just having something to do, because I HATE, HATE, HATE, being bored!!!
13.  I am a major advocate for stopping bullying.  See #8 above.
14.  I have bowled on a bowling league since I was in the 4th grade.  I probably could be a lot better, but it's fun anyway...
15.  When I was little, I once wanted a Santa cake for my birthday, even though it's in July.  I got it though!  :)
16.  I frequently have strange dreams, and I often remember my dreams.  I hope that means I am really creative!
17.  I love "The Secret Life of the American Teenager."  It is about my favorite show.
18.  I like to play soccer just for fun, even though I've never played on a team or anything.  I might not know all the rules, but I DO know it's fun very fun!  :)
19.  Although I am funny, I am also very deep.  I have some thoughts that are as deep as the sea.  I like to think that I have an "old soul." 
20.  When I was younger, I was terrified of angels appearing to me in the shower.  Yeah, I was a strange kid...
I guess not much has changed.
21.  I love pizza.  I especially love pepperoni pizza and cheddar cheese pizza.  Stuffed crust is just an added bonus!
22.  I don't think I text  as much as the average teenager.
23.  I am one of those few people in the world who doesn't mind being in pictures.  I've never been one of those, "AHHHH!  DON'T TAKE MY PICTURE!!!!!" people.
24.  I think I have a kind of obsession with social networking sites.  First, it was myspace.  Now, it's facebook.  I just can't get away from them!
25.  I really try to be a nice person, and I hate when people don't like me.
So...there you have it folks.  I chose to tag:
1.  Alexxander of Letters From the Wasteland
2.  Hannah of Hello life, glad you're here
3.  Kevin of Something Like That
4.  Himani of The hidden shadow
5.  David of The Rest Is Still Unwritten
6.  Lily of Unconditional Honesty
7.  Jitsy of Mind Starts Speaking
8.  f8hasit of f8hasit
9.  Call Me Cate of Show My Face


...Jitsy... said...

OMG molly.....thnx so much for the tag...makes me feel like i'm a somebody too....hehe...
neways, i guess i'l put up this post thng to do...but most of my stuffs gonna match with urs....u dont got no copyrights, right?...:D

Lunar Eclipse said...

I like your banner.

f8hasit said...

Hey Molly...thanks for the Tag! How fun! I'll get to posting a little meme soon. I love reading meme's and learning more about people. I have to agree with wholeheartedly on the bookstore thing. I got a Kindle as a gift, and although nice (for traveling) it's not quite the same as a good ol' binded book. There's a certain smell of books that makes me happy.

Thanks again for the tag!

...Jitsy... said...

i'v tagged you check

Hannah Mae said...

Thanks so much for the tag! I'll have to post this too soon! (I endure a 28 hour or more roadtrip tomorrow morning/afternoon)

♥ T said...

Sooo, I agree with about more than half the things on your list :) Great post!

Jessi Haish said...

Haha what a great list! I love the comments on Converses and music, I definitely have to agree :D Nice job!!

Molly said...

Why, thank you loves! I appreciate the nice comments and feedback! And I'm glad we are alike in so many ways! :D

Jen said...

You are such a talented writer. :) I love your blogs. It would mean alot if you would read my blogs!