Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Spark in the Dark

Fireworks are one of the simply complex beauties of summer.  What could be better than watching fireworks in every shape, size, and color, light up the sky on a gorgeous summer evening?
Fireworks start out as a mere spark and proceed to illuminate the entire sky surrounding it.  Isn't it amazing how something that starts out so small can become so humongous?  Even more amazing is the sound following a firework.  At first, the spark seems to go out.  All you see is a dark, lonely, sky.  And then...


A sound is heard that would probably make Helen Keller jump, and along with it is a vast array of colors that decorate the night sky!  Almost everyone loves it though:  the whistling sound of a firework launching up in the air, the illumination of a previously dark sky, and the smell of smoke long after a firework goes out. 

Like fireworks, many other things spark in summer too, though we may not always recognize them.  Fireworks are hard not to miss when they are blowing up right in front of your face like gigantic volcanoes.  However, there are lesser sparks during the summer. 

Sparklers, for instance, are a lot less obvious.  They don't beg for attention.  They don't light up the whole sky.  The fact is though, they they can still create a fire.  All it takes to start a fire is a tiny spark, which is precisely what a sparkler is.
Just because something starts out small does not mean it could not turn out to be something big.  You may see a sparkler, but it may be the beginning of a beautiful firework...

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Lexa said...

Fireworks are so beautiful. The only downfall is hearing all the dogs in the neighborhood barking away at them!