Monday, September 6, 2010


Tomorrow evening is my first college audition!  Well, actually it's not, but it's my first college audition in which I am an actual full time student.  I am thrilled!  The play is "The Three Musketeers".  It should be very fun - I've already met plenty of great theatre friends who are also going to be auditioning for the fall play. 

Most people hate auditions.  I tend to LOVE them!  Why you ask?  I don't really know what in particular tickles my fancy about them.  Why do you dislike them?

I guess I like that every time you audition, it's like a fresh start.  No matter how many previous performances you have taken part in, you always have a fresh start at auditions.  Whether it is your first play, or your thousandth play, everyone auditioning is basically on the same page.

I think pretty much everyone knows I love theatre and acting, and now you know I love auditioning!  =)  I am already on a high thinking about tomorrow.  So...wish me luck!  :D

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