Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Where's the Reward?

You know that horrible feeling of trying and trying, but never being quite good enough?  It is that feeling of working so hard for something, that the reward is almost tangible.  The reward may be tangible, but it is not yet within your reach.  You think you can grab it, and you try!  Oh!  You try so hard to grab it, and to hold on to it  with all of your might. 

Then, like a balloon floating up into the sky, the opportunity you have been waiting on for so long, is gone.  You wonder what you did wrong, but it's not about what you did wrong.  You may feel that way, but it's not.  It is about what all of the other people did right.  It is who they knew, or their social status, or maybe, just maybe, even their talent.

Unfortunately, not enough things in life are based on talent anymore.  Take that as a life lesson, kids, and be ready for it.  No matter how hard you try to convince yourself it doesn't happen, it always does. 

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