Monday, December 6, 2010

Life Lesson #4: Adults Don't Know it All

Life Lesson #4:  Authority figures you once thought were perfect, always have the potential to let you down.

You know how when you were a little kid, you thought everyone older than you was so cool?  You thought your parents were perfect, your teacher was the smartest person in the world, and the older kids always had fun.  Then you hit the teenage years.  Your parents embarrass you, you think your teacher is an idiot, but you still strive to be older and older.  You still look up to the adults, whether you will admit it or not.  Well, you know what?  Sometimes you should, sometimes you shouldn't.  Despite what adults tell you, they do not always have all the answers.  I would know, since I am legally an adult.  We don't know it all.  Even people much older than me don't know everything.  We all make mistakes, and there is always room for improvement in everyone.  If you are a kid, you should still take into account what adults have to say, but after awhile, you need to start forming some of your own opinions.  If you are an adult, don't get too self-confident.  You do not know everything like you think you do.

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Jessi Haish said...

Awesome post, I totally agree! :)

Molly said...

Awwww thanks Jessi! :)