Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thank You To Write Love on Her Arms.

I just finished an amazing story by a girl named Renee Yohe. She is the person who inspired the movement known as "To Write Love on Her Arms," and she has gone through so much more than most of us will ever have to go through. You think you have a lot of problems, well you read this book and then ask yourself that question again.
The book is called Purpose for the Pain, and of course I am in love with that title. I believe that there is a reason for everything, and even if something may seem like a misfortune now it could just be a blessing in disguise. I am not even sure how to describe this book in a way that will capture the emotion in this girl's story.
Most of the words in Purpose for the Pain were actually hand written journal entries by Renee herself. She has such a poetic way of describing things, and it makes you feel very sorry for her, but then you also feel so full of hope at the same time. You know that it will end up okay because she is still here today to talk about her experiences. She also thanks God for her blessings, and clearly states that her recovery and healing was all because of Him.
If you did not already know, hope is a very meaningful word to me. There was a time in my life when I do not know what I would have done without hope. There are still times in my life I do not know what else to do but hope. Hope is a foundation for so many people. There are people surviving, depending, relying on hope. We need to help give everyone hope. No matter how cheesy this sounds, we all need to pull together and save some lives.
To Write Love on Her Arms is an organization that gives so many people hope. I am sure it has saved many lives by just existing. It shows us that there is a point to our lives, and that we are not just living for ourselves. It is part of God's plan or else it would not be here. You are part of God's plan too, and that I think is one of the main reasons Purpose for the Pain was written. It was written to save lives. So please join me in supporting To Write Love on Her Arms. Go to the website and read the story of how it all started, and then read Purpose for the Pain, and know that there truly is a purpose for the pain.

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Ayesha said...

ur right, we all have a reason to live, we just have to find that reason, no matter how hard life gets, no one's alone....:)