Friday, October 15, 2010

Don't Regret; Dream.

What was your dream?  I'm not talking about the nighttime fantasies you have had while you were soundly asleep.  You know, that wonderful plan you had for your life when you were just a little tyke.  What was it?

I have had many dreams throughout my lifetime.  I've wanted to be everything from a first grade teacher to an astronaut, a flight attendant to a psychologist, a veterinarian to an actress, a graphic designer to a tap dancing opera singer - though that phase was fairly short lived. ;)

However, dreams are not just about a future occupation.  It is about what you most want to accomplish in your lifetime.  It is about the little things that make you smile.  It is about knowing how much potential your life has.

We must not just put our dreams from childhood into the bottom of a messy desk drawer.  Too many people do this, and regret it later on. Try to fulfill all of your biggest dreams in life - whether they are big dreams or little dreams.  If your dream fails you, at least you will have tried. You will always wonder if you never try. I know we have had this ingrained into our brains since the first day of kindergarten, but it is the truth!  You just have to keep on dreaming, and live your dreams. :)

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