Friday, October 8, 2010

For the Love of Theatre!

"There's no people like show people

They smile when they are low

Even with a turkey that you know will fold

You may be stranded out in the cold

Still you wouldn't change it for a sack of gold

Let's go on with the show"     -Irving Berlin

Acting:  my anti-drug.

Sometimes, it's the only thing that keeps me going...

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Se2 said...

I too am in theatre joining it one year ago. After having directed a play, acting in 4 of them, and writing for 2 of them, (or my college team), I can so feel what Irving Berlin said.

I mean for me it's just a hobby [ though people say I am really good in it :) ] cuz I want to be a doc, but in such a short span it has become my anti-depression drug too...:)

Lovely post Molly. Seriously awesome...

Molly said...

Thank you!!! I love to see you, and anyone else really, interested in theatre, because it is such a great hobby! It is truly very therapeutic, and a great stress reliever, so I think it's great for anyone who does it and enjoys it!!!!! :)