Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Drama Queenitis

*Note: While reading this blog, press the "play" button on the video at the bottom of this post, and listen to the song it plays, as you read this blog. :) The song is called "Drama Queen" by Family Force 5!

You just graduated from high school. You think all the drama's over, right? WRONG! With all the social networking websites, the drama can, and most likely will, continue! There will always be those drama queens and kings that make you cringe whenever you think of them.

I hate to tell you, but college isn't going to be much better unless you make it better! It's all up to you, whether the rest of your life is fun and happy, or drama filled and depressing. There will always be those people who try to drag you down, but they just want your attention. They don't necessarily care whether you give them good or bad attention. These kinds of people are just so self-centered, they want all eyes to be on THEM. Whether you are congratulating them, feeling sorry for them, complimenting them, or dissing them, they are happy. However, sometimes they still appear unhappy, to gain more attention. Maybe this is just my own theory, and far from the truth, but I have a tendency to believe myself! :)

What should you do about these snarky, ignorant, jerks, you ask? Ignore them! You will tick them off, and at the same time, you will not be wasting your breath on a useless cause!

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Kaely said...

wise words Molly. I made the mistake of believing that just because i made it through my first year of college fairly intact and drama free that i was safe. but i was far from right. i've found ignoring the drama -- both out in the open and in your own head -- is the best medicine. Drama has only been good at one thing: keeping people from getting on with their lives and focusing on what's important.

P.S. LOVE FF5!! =)