Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Toast to Love

She was so lonely, she wanted to die,
until this beautiful boy caught her by surprise.
He said, "Don't do this darlin', just come with me.
I know how you feel; this world is so mean.
But girl, I beg you, just give me the night.
Let me try to make things alright."

She said, "How dare you tell me what I should do. 
Do I look crazy?  I don't even know you!"
"Well girl," he started, "I mean no offense,
but you are the one who wants to jump off this cliff.

She burst into tears and slowly said "Okay.
But what can you do to make tomorrow a better day?"
He said, "Well at this point darlin', I honestly don't know.
But how will you ever find out if you make the choice to go?"

She took a deep breath in, a deep breath out,
and said "Maybe, just maybe, I can try this out."

He said, "Darlin', I'm not perfect - not even close. 
But I'm always a gentleman, so I'd like to make a toast.
I will love you forever, until the day that I die.
As long as you stay, this will never be a lie."

She said, "Alright sir, I'll give you a day,
but I swear if you hurt me, you will send me to my grave."
He laughed and said, "Darlin', funny thing you should say. 
Right before I saw you, I was headed on my way."

She let out a quivering breath,
laughed a nervous laugh.
He hugged her for a long time and whispered,
"Darlin', this won't be the last."

Inspired by the songs:  "Self-Conclusion" by The Spill Canvas, and "When You Were Young" by the Killers
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