Thursday, June 4, 2009

And You Wonder Why Tommy Can't Tie His Shoes...

I am sure a lot of you can remember when you learned to ride your bike, when you lost your first tooth, but what about when you first learned to tie your shoes? It is something that rarely, if ever, crosses our minds because it has become so habitual. Put on shoe. Make an 'x' with the laces. One lace goes under and then pull it tight. Make one bunny ear. Around the tree. Make another bunny ear...and viola! You've tied your shoe.

However today my lunch made me think about tying my shoes. read it right; my lunch made me think about tying my shoes. Of course you ask why. Why would popcorn chicken have anything to do with tying your shoes?

You see, my meal was what is called a 'laptop' from KFC. (If you don't know what a laptop is, it is basically a kid's meal from KFC, and the box is in the shape of a laptop.) The box always has fun facts or games for young children to do. So I look down today, and I see detailed directions on how to tie your shoes!

Can't you just imagine this: "Mommy, I wanna learn how to tie my shoes! Teach me!" "Just read your box from KFC, honey. It explains everything." "Um, only one problem." "What is it Tommy?" "I can't read yet."

My question to KFC is: If a child is too young to tie their shoes, then how in the heck will they read the directions that explain how to do it?!?!

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