Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday: Places!

Hey all! I hope you are all have a great Tuesday! On this Ten Things Tuesday, I will be telling you ten places I would like to visit! So...here goes nothing!

1. Japan; I've wanted to go there for a really long time for some odd reason. It's one of the places I most want to visit before I die.

2. New York; I may live there some day, so why not go ahead and check it out? It has Broadway! Why wouldn't I want to go there?!

3. California; the place where many great films have been made!

4. Italy; I love Italian food, so I figure I'd love Italy too!

5. Hawaii; the classic home of surf, sand, and sun! Who doesn't want to go there? Seriously, name one person.

6. Ireland; I love river dancing, and I just love the thought of Ireland overall. It seems like it would be great there!

7. Canada; I love the sound of going to Canada, don't you?

8. Colorado; it seems like everyone has been going there lately, and there seems to be so much to do!

9. Connecticut; I've said that I wanted to go there for a long time. I have just always liked the way it sounds.

10. Chicago; yes, sadly as an Illinoisan I have never been to Chicago. Some people thing it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, and others despise it. I would really like to check out Navy Pier though, and other places there.

So now tell me, where are ten places you would like to go?


Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen said...

Japan?! why in bloody hells name japan? :P the english country side would definitely be first on my list <3

Molly said...

haha you know...i really have no idea what first made me want to go to Japan! It's just somewhere I've always wanted to go! :)