Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday: Current Playlist!

Hey! Welcome to another annual Ten Things Tuesday! Today I've decided to do a list that is a little bit different. I have decided to compile a playlist of my current favorite songs. I may do this randomly on Ten Things Tuesday's because I LOVE music! So here are ten of my current favorite songs:
1. Pretty Girl (The Way) by Sugarcult
2. Don't Trust Me by 3OH!3
3. I Do Not Hook Up by Kelly Clarkson
4. Come Back to Me by David Cook
5. I Am On Your Side by Hawthorne Heights
6. Scars by Papa Roach
7. If No One Will Listen by Kelly Clarkson
8. Waking Up in Vegas by Katy Perry
9. Drama Queen by Family Force 5
10. Complicated by Avril Lavigne (old, but still good!)
So there you have it! These are the songs on my current playlist! What's on yours? :)

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Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen said...

my favorite songs,by far,are...

(this is my ultimate favorite,you can play it on repeat all day long and i won't get sick of it) : river flows in you by yiruma

then there's 'your guardian angel' by redjumpsuit apparatus.also 'in loving memory' by jamestown story,'hey boys and girls' by evermore,'animal i have become' by three days grace 'in my minds eye' by sirenia,'tell me its not over' by starsailor and 'atonement' by opeth

and my favorite bands are the foo fighters and breaking benjamin.i'm a rock chick all the way!