Saturday, June 20, 2009

How Will You Write Your Book?

She looks around at all of the dusty, old, books on the shelves that never seem to end. There are so many to chose from, but where is the one she wants? Ah, there it is!
In a few years, this book will be all anyone has to look back on. It will be the only thing left of her or her life. Everything else will already be long gone.
You see, my friends, this book is not just a book. It is the one source that contains all that she has ever done, or ever will do in her life. Her children, grandchildren, and people she doesn't even know will look back on her life, and choose to love her or hate her, because of the story she has so tastefully written.
We all have one of these books, and our story starts at the moment of our conception. We are the only ones who can choose whether we write our book well, contemplating each word very carefully, or whether we just slop our way through the pages in an eager rush for our story to end...
How will you write your book?

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