Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No Accounting For Taste.

Isn't it funny how the world works? Our human desires so often drive us to want what we cannot have.

isn't it ironic? Pictures, Images and Photos

I found this graphic, and I think it is so ironically true at times. Basically it comes down to this: those who truly care about us we ignore, those who we truly care about don't give us the time of day, those who we love are the ones that make our lives miserable, and we make the lives of those who love us miserable.

Don't get me wrong. It's not always that way, but there are a lot of times today when it happens. A guy likes a girl, but the girl likes someone else who doesn't really care about her. Meanwhile, the guy is miserable because the girl doesn't like him, and the girl is miserable because the guy she loves doesn't treat her well. That other guy is living the good life because no matter what he does the girl keeps running back to him, yet he doesn't have to show her any respect at all.

It is like the age, old saying: "There is no accounting for taste."

Sometimes it is just the sad but raw truth.

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