Friday, July 16, 2010

Seven Link Challenge!

Today, I have decided to take part in a blogging challenge from Problogger posted by Darren Rowse.  The goal is to post 7 links:  your first post, a post you enjoyed writing the most, a post which had a great discussion, a post on someone else's blog that you wish you'd written, your most helpful post, a post with a title that you are proud of, and a post that you wish more people had read.  So without further adieu, here are my 7 links:

1.  *ahem* the start of my blogging on blogspot. haha :)  (My first post...the title is so sophisticated, eh? ha!)
2.  Teddy Bear.  (A post that I enjoyed writing the most -this is the one that stuck out in my head.)
3.  25 Things About ME!!!!!  (A post that had a great discussion)
4.  If You Wanna Be a Good Girl Get Yourself a Bad Boy.  (A post on someone else's blog that I wish I'd written.  This post was written by Jessi Haish!)
5.  Thank You To Write Love on Her Arms.  (My most helpful post)
6.  Fruit Loops R Us  (A post with a title I am proud of.  Catchy, dontcha think??!)
7.  Waiting it Out.  (A post I wish more people had read...but don't worry!  You still have time!)  :)

Those are my 7 links.  I hope you read and enjoy all of them!  Also, feel free to post YOUR 7 links!!!

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